Believed to be the most ideal packaging solution for the cosmetic industry, due to its high aesthetic value and easy adaptability to numerous decorative forms, the seamless plastic tube business is an exciting horizon for the packaging industry. Through constant innovation, Essel has successfully been manufacturing and delivering plastic tubes to new and emerging sectors. Our acquisition of Arista Tubes, a leading manufacturer of plastic tubes in the United Kingdom, has helped us absorb comprehensive and cutting-edge knowledge and experience in the sector.

Seamless plastic tubes are used to package high-end, low-volume products in a range of industries. They offer enhanced shelf life for goods and help create a unique product identity. Extruded tubes offer an attractive and durable packaging solution for a variety of product lines. From custom coloured materials to high-end decoration techniques, Essel offers solutions that can be customized to any kind of product or market.

Laminated tubes allow for consistent quality and performance reliability. They are adaptable to a wide range of caps, i.e. Fez / Flower pot, Stand-up, Flip-top and custom designed. Laminated Tubes can be customized into different varieties of coloured tubes and transparent tubes with Polyester barrier for products with contact clarity.