Laminated tubes are used across the globe for packaging in personal care, food, pharma and industrial applications. They offer products a appealing look & competitive edge in the market. The laminated tubes are maximum consumed by oral care industry, it contributes to almost 70% of the total production of laminated tubes, where as increasing number of them are being used in the cosmetics sector and pharma sector.

Laminated tubes have excellent barrier properties, hence provide a cost effective solution to help increase a product’s shelf life. Their smooth, flexible and soft exteriors deliver excellent seal ability and enable high filling line speed during the packaging process. Their features include shoulder barriers for superior flavor and moisture retention, pin-hole orifices for low viscosity products and nozzle seals with an option of hot foil stamping. We also provide tamper evident closures for protection of products. Tube dispensing nozzles or applicators can be further customized on request.

Laminated tubes allow for consistent quality and performance reliability. They are adaptable to a wide range of caps, i.e. Fez / Flower pot, Stand-up, Flip-top and custom designed. Laminated Tubes can be customized into different varieties of coloured tubes and transparent tubes with Polyester barrier for products with contact clarity.