Product Description

Logic welder series (LWS) are PLC Based Hydraulic Butt Fusion Welding Machine designed for almost fully automated operation to get individual pipe joint data through USB. Well Equipped Superior Quality Components to deliver exceptionally Well Service Life ensuring Low Maintenance and Easy Operating System.


The LWS is been designed to make the welding operations very simple for the worker at any construction building site, in pipe trenches, or in workshop.

Advance Features

  • The LWS performs automatically automatically during welding to provide total jointing process from mirroring to cooling automatically with prefix time & pressure data in PLC.
  • Get individual jointdata through USB.
  • The LWS heating plate comes with microprocessor based PID digital temperature controller for butt fusion welding of PE, PP, PPH & PVDF pipes & fittings.
  • The LWS has digital pressure indication along with two separate pressure setting valve for drag & jointing which make use of machine very easy with single time setting for same size pipe.
  • The LWS has built-in digital timers for soaking & bead-up with loud audible & visual signal.
  • The LWS performs intelligently during mirroring process which provides automatic pressure drop from high to low & timer from bead up time to soaking time by buzzer signal with prefix time & pressure data in PLC.

Working Range with Various Model : 230V - 50/60Hz

Description ø Suitable Pipe Size ø Inch Dimension( ” )
(Machine Body)
LWS 160 50 - 160 mm 1½ - 6” 28 x 15 x 16 44
LWS 250 110 - 250 mm 4 - 10” 28 x 19 x 21 59
LWS 315 160 - 315 mm 6 - 12” 29 x 21 x 23 75
LWS 450 200 - 450 mm 8 - 18” 29 x 26 x 27 85

Standard Composition

Main Machine Body, Heating Plate with DTC, Trimming Unit, PLC based Electro Hydraulic Unit with USB, Stub end Device, Trimmer / Heating Plate Stand, Reduce Clamp Inserts.

Optional : Pipe Rollers

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